You can configure your app’s settings from the Developer Portal. Here are some of the things you can configure, and what they mean.

App Info

This is metadata about your app and gives users more context. While only the name is required, these details should ideally be provided for the best possible user experience.


This is the name we’ll use to reference your app in various parts of the Bitski interface. For example, it appears in the list of connected apps under the user’s account.


This is the URL we’ll link to when referencing your app in Bitski.

Contact Email

This should be an email where we can contact you about any issues regarding your app. It is not currently exposed to users.

Privacy Policy URL

We will feature this link when asking users if they want to authorize your app.

Terms URL

We will feature this link when asking users if they want to authorize your app.

Redirect URLs

These are approved URLs that clients using your client id can ask to be redirected to. It’s important to keep this list as small as possible so malicious apps cannot pose as you. If a client asks to be redirected to a URL that is not on this list, they will receive an error.

Note: These redirect urls must match what your client enters exactly. It is case sensitive and every character counts. Common mistakes are entering http instead of https, or entering just the domain and not the actual path (http://localhost:3000 instead of http://localhost:3000/callback.

Approved Scopes

These are the scopes that we have approved you to request access to in your app. For web apps, generally this is just openid. Native apps need openid and offline scopes. If you would like access to a scope and it isn’t on this list, please contact us.

Available Scopes

openidAccess to the user’s unique identifier.
emailGives you access to the user’s email address. Contact us to add this to your app.
offlineAllows your token to be renewed with a refresh token. This is required to renew your access tokens automatically.