Easily create and send an NFT to anyone

Droplinks makes it easy to build a first-class NFT distribution experience:

  • Designed to remove friction - Send a token via email, SMS, or url
  • Mobile-ready - Fully responsive design for redeeming codes on the web or in the Bitski Apps
  • International - Supports over 4 languages
  • Additional features - Apply discounts, collect taxes, send email receipts, and more

When creating a single-use link under a Droplink product, it will offer users the option to specify how many claims it should contain. Once specified, it will save a .csv file under the Droplink product. This .csv file will contain n-number of unique links, each with a limit of one claim.

For example, if a user specifies the link should have 50 claims under a single-use link, then the .csv will have 50 different links and a limit of one claim per link. This means once a NFT has been claimed, the link will expire and the option to claim will not be available for use anymore.

Multi-use links work similarly to single-use links and saves a link under a Droplink product. The difference is that multi-use links are one universal link with n-number of claims allowed.

For example, if a user specifies the link should have 50 claims under a multi-use link, then it will generate one unique link with 50 claims. Once the NFT has been claimed 50 times, it will become inactive. To prevent abuse, a user can only claim a multi-use link once.

Don’t believe how easy Droplinks can be? Click on the following Droplink yourself to claim an NFT. You’ll be redirected to a page hosting the image below. On that page, clicking the “Claim now” button will mint the NFT to your Bitski wallet. It’s that easy!


If you would like to use this feature please reach out to our team here.