Create an app

All integrations with Bitski require registeration in our Developer Portal. We do this to keep track of permissions a user grants you.

To register: visit our Developer Portal, then click New App.

Once registered, you can select your new app from the list. You should now be able to see your client id.

Configure your client settings

Once you create your app, you’ll need to configure the OAuth settings for it. You can do this from the OAuth tab under your app details page in the developer portal.

The most important setting here is the redirect url(s). We use this to ensure that only the domains you approve can get access tokens for your client id.

See Client Settings for more information on all these settings, .

Not a developer?

Welcome! You don’t have to be a developer to benefit from Bitski. Head over to Bitski Wallet to start your Web3 journey with our wallet.