To ensure a smooth experience, place the BitskiProvider as high in your app’s Component hierarchy as possible. All of the following components must be children of BitskiProvider.


A plug-and-play widget—no need to handle connection state. When not connected, tapping will open the BitskiAuth component. When a connection is established, tapping will reveal the BitskiWalletViewer.

Prefer to use this over coordinating BitskiAuth and BitskiWalletViewer yourself.

import { BitskiWidget } from '@bitski/waas-react-sdk';

<BitskiWidget />


Shows a menu with all the LoginMethods and Chains that you’ve configured. This component is not currently configurable outside of those two options.

import { BitskiAuth } from '@bitski/waas-react-sdk;

<BitskiAuth />


A view of the connected Account—including Tokens and Activity based on the address / chain. You can toggle Tokens/Activity via the tabs property in BitskiProvider.

import { BitskiWalletViewer, } from '@bitski/waas-react-sdk';

<BitskiWalletViewer />


Once you submit a transaction or sign message, the Bitski signer modal will popup This is not a Component you can directly invoke.