The response body may be in JSON or plaintext depending on the status code.

Typically, if you receive a status code in the:

  • 2xx range, it means the request succeeded.
  • 4xx range, there was a problem with your request.
  • 5xx range, an error occurred on the Bitski servers (very rare).


4xx and 5xx messages follow a standard error message response:

  "error": {
    "code": 401,
    "status": "Unauthorized",
    "request": "fcb5e92e-1b2e-4e13-9998-48021efd0627",
    "message": "The request could not be authorized"

Common error codes

Status CodeStatusDescription
200OKThe request succeeded as expected.
201CreatedThe request succeeded and Bitski created the new item or updated it successfully.
400Bad RequestThe request failed. This is usually due to a misconfigured required parameter.
401UnauthorizedA valid API wasn’t provided.
403ForbiddenThe API token doesn’t have the permissions needed to perform the request.
404Not FoundThe requested resource doesn’t exist.
500, 502, 503, 504Server ErrorsBitski’s servers are having trouble (very rare). Review any announcements at and report this to Support.