CoinDesk utilized the Bitski SDK and APIs to build a simple Web3 wallet experience for their users and enable the collection of DESK tokens from interacting with the site. Today, not only can users accrue DESK from reading articles, watching videos, and participating in the CoinDesk ecosystem; they also can easily transfer or spend their DESK tokens for various perks.

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For more on CoinDesk, see our blog post: CoinDesk Integrates Bitski’s Wallet-as-a-Service For Readers Worldwide.


Layer3 offers a native Web3 growth platform to help you reach, acquire, and retain users with powerful, interactive experiences. Today, users can sign in with their Bitski wallets to access the countless number of quests helping to onboard the next wave of users. Learn about Web3, earn rewards, and level up to build a powerful portfolio of on-chain activities. This integration was made possible by following our SDK’s getting started guide.

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Centaurify is powering the Web3 experience for Universal Music Group (UMG). Discover, collect, experience and connect with your favorite artists. Music 3.0 is here. To easily add Bitski and onboard users, Centaurify leveraged our custom RainbowKit connector to plug-and-play with their existing list of wallets. Not only can existing Web3 users log in via our browser extension or iOS app, but an entire wave of non-crypto natives can also onboard via a familiar username and password flow.

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