"contract": {
    "id": "12345678-da5b-494c-8719-bdba105e3612",
    "deploymentState": "PENDING",
    "address": null,
    "network": "rinkeby",
    "name": "Bitski Contract Recipe",
    "description": "Bitski Contract Recipe",
    "externalLink": null,
    "contractType": "SEMI_FUNGIBLE",
    "tokenTemplates": []

1. Configure your contract

Set your auth token, app ID, and contract ID.

# Get an auth token using your Developer Portal credentials.
# Your application id is also in the Developer Portal.
APP_ID = ""
# Get your contract id from a previously created contract.

2. Set the contract type

Set the deploymentState to PENDING_PROXY.

body = {"contract": {"deploymentState": "PENDING_PROXY"}}
  1. Deploy the contract

Send a PATCH request to the API with the auth token in the body, and app ID and contract ID in the URL. You should receive a 200 status code if it worked.

def deploy_contract(auth_token, app_id, contract_id):
    """Deploy an NFT contract."""

    body = {"contract": {"deploymentState": "PENDING_PROXY"}}
    response = requests.patch(
            "Authorization": f"Bearer {auth_token}",
            "Content-Type": "application/json",
    print("Deployed NFT contract successfully", response.status_code == 200)
    return response

4. Verify the contract is deployed

It will take at least a few minutes to deploy, but once done it will show up in your Creator Portal under the “Collections” tab and be marked as “DEPLOYED”.

response = deploy_contract(AUTH_TOKEN, APP_ID, CONTRACT_ID)