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At Bitski, we’re on a mission to make the commerce layer of the metaverse accessible to everyone. Which is just a fancy way of saying we’re passionate about making it easy for anyone to own, create, sell or use digital things in the metaverse, regardless of previous blockchain experience.

Since a fundamental part of enabling economic activity in the metaverse is the ability to own, purchase and use digital things, we made a kick-ass wallet to support those needs.

Here’s what sets our wallet apart:

  • Simple + Secure User Wallet: We secure all user wallets in special hardware devices called Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). These are physically protected in biometric-secure data centers that are regionally distributed across the US (Asia & Europe coming soon). Bitski is the only company that offers a hardware-backed wallet that users and developers can access anywhere, anytime. (We even hire white-hat hackers to find any potential security risks so we’re constantly upping our security game!)
  • Metaverse Compatibility: We offer a single sign-on (SSO) and OAuth compliant wallet that can easily integrate into games, social platforms and more so your NFTs can live outside of your wallet. Bitski’s wallet also plugs directly into top secondary markets like OpenSea.
  • Never Worry about Lost Keys: Bitski’s keys never leave the hardware, so there’s always a way to safely recover passwords for users. This means no seed phrases to remember or the need to dig through a landfill in case you accidentally toss out a physical key!

Let’s take a tour.

From your wallet home screen, you can:

  • View your NFTs
  • Check your ETH balance
  • Track wallet activity
  • Send and receive ETH
  • Purchase ETH
  • Transfer NFTs
  • Adjust settings
  • Get support
  • Access the Creator Portal

Here’s what your wallet dashboard may look like on the “Collected” tab. This view shows all the NFTs that you own.


This is the default view that appears when you click into your wallet. To return to this view, select “Collected” from the menu on the top left.

Click over to the “Currencies” tab and you’ll see all your magic internet money (aka Ethereum).


You can also click “Activity” to take a look at ETH you have sent or received. If you’ve bought or sold any NFTs recently, you’ll also notice “Contract Interactions.” That’s just a fancy way of saying something happened on blockchain that is correlated with your wallet address.


At the top right, you’ll see three buttons. Click “Send” to send ETH to another wallet of your choice in 3 simple steps.

All you need is their wallet address and enough ETH in your wallet to cover the associated gas fees (more on that here). For a detailed guide on how to [send ETH] see this article.


If you click “Receive”, you’ll find your wallet address and an associated QR code. You’ll need this to receive ETH or NFTs.

For more information on receiving tokens, check out this guide.


Beside the “Receive” button, there is a “Buy” button. Use this to purchase ETH.

More on that here.


At the very top right of the screen, you’ll see your profile icon. Click it to access the Creator Portal, adjust your settings, access support, or logout of your account.

For more information on Bitski’s Creator Portal, go to Step 1 Register.


Thanks for coming along on our wallet tour! If you’re running into issues on how to use your Bitski Wallet, free feel to reach out to support@bitski.com or join us on Discord!