1. Web3
  2. Overview

We primarily support the following EVM based networks for JSON-RPC calls. These networks will have the best performance in our system.

NameChain IdURL
Ethereum mainnet1https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/mainnet
Ethereum Goerli5https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/goerli
Polygon mainnet137https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/polygon
Polygon Mumbai80001https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/mumbai

Additionally, any EVM chain on https://chainlist.org/ should work but will be using publicly hosted RPC nodes. Simply replace the chain id in the RPC url: https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/chains/{chain_id}.

unsupported networks

Rinkeby and Kovan Ethereum testnets are no longer supported and RPC calls will fail.

We’re here to help

If you run into any issues let us know in our Discord. Use the channel #devs-welcomed to get in touch with our engineering team directly.