Bitski lets you build user-friendly and cross-platform Ethereum apps. Using Bitski, you can build a decentralized app or game that is just as easy to use as a standard app.

As a developer, you can:

  • Connect to the Ethereum network through our hosted nodes
  • Request access to a user’s address
  • Submit transactions for approval on behalf of a user
  • Create and manage a wallet for your backend app
  • Deploy contracts through your app’s wallet

Your customers can:

  • Use Ethereum apps without installing any software
  • Store ethereum assets in our secure wallet
  • Access the wallet from any device
  • Manage access to any apps you connect
  • Recover your account at any time

Why Use Bitski?

Much easier onboarding

Your users do not have to install any extra software to use your app. They can use it just like any other website or app. Once a user has a Bitski account, they can sign in with just 2 clicks!


Since our wallets are managed in the cloud instead of being tied to a specific device, you can access them from anywhere without compromising security.

Secured with hardware

Unlike most current wallets which are stored locally on your computer, our wallets are stored in tamper-proof hardware security modules. The keys never leave the hardware. We believe this is far more secure than many of the current solutions that store your keys locally on your device and read them into memory.

Fully recoverable accounts

Since your wallet is tied to your user account, it can be recovered if you forget your password, lose your phone, or get a new computer. This kind of recovery is more secure than writing down a passphrase.

How it works

We use OAuth to provide access to a user’s wallet. Through our SDK, your app can request access to a user’s Bitski account. If Bitski grants access permission, your app can then use standard tools like web3.js to interact with the Ethereum network. Learn more in Get Started.