Add your billing information

Prior to publishing your first product, make sure that you’ve connected your bank account and place a credit card on file for the one-time collection fee. (See “What is a collection fee” for more details.) We request a bank account on file so we can pay you out for any sales accrued from your NFTs. Payouts are distributed via Stripe, our payment gateway, in 48-hour cycles, or up to 14 days, depending on your region.

If you didn’t add a bank account during the onboarding flow, you can add this now by clicking “Billing” on the left menu of your creator portal. Add your bank account details in the “Payments” section.

Please note that while you set up your Stripe account within the Bitski Creator Portal, please select the right region. Otherwise you will need to start over with a new Stripe account with a different email and correct region.

What is the collection fee?

Your “collection” is synonymous with your contract name. With Bitski, your collection remains solely under your name. When your NFT is resold on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea, your NFT will appear under your collection name.

As we develop our own secondary marketplace, our friends at OpenSea will act as your default secondary marketplace. Once you mint your first NFT, you will get your very own OpenSea collection automatically made as well! If you want to use other marketplaces, you can connect your Bitski wallet using the Walletconnect feature on iOS to try sites like Looksrare, X2Y2, Blur, and more!