All you need is an auth token to use these APIs and be able to create contracts and mint NFTs.

There are three main areas of Blockchain APIs:

  • Contracts
  • Token Templates
  • Tokens


Here you can create, update, and view contracts associated with your account. Bitski assigns each contract a UUID which you will need to use with other endpoints to create templates and NFTs.

Get an NFT Contract

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Token Templates

Token templates are assigned to a contract by the contract’s UUID. Each template can be used to mint one or more NFTs. Bitski uses ERC 1155 contracts, so you can have multiple templates associated with a contract, and multiple NFTs per template. There is no limit to the number of templates or NFTs you can create per contract.

A template holds default metadata for common attributes that are applied to each NFT minted from the template. Things such as the name, description, and image url can be set.

Once you create a template Bitski assigns it a UUID, which you will need to use in order to mint an NFT or update the metadata.

Get a Token Template

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You can view your tokens and their metadata, as well as mint new tokens, with these APIs. You’ll need a template id and a contract id, as described previously, to use these.

Get an NFT

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Where’s the code? We have runnable examples in our recipe section.