One of the main differences with using Bitski’s wallet in your app over Metamask or other wallet providers is in the Send Transaction flow.

How it works

When you submit a Transaction via sendTransaction(...), our SDK picks up the transaction and shows an approval dialog to the user. (Note that we host this approval dialog on our Bitski website for security.) The user can then review the details of the transaction and either approve it or reject it.

On the web, we show the dialog as a modal over your web app. On iOS, this happens in a Safari modal that displays over the native app.

If the user approves the transaction, Bitski will sign the transaction, submit it to the network, and return the transaction hash just like any other wallet. If the user declines the transaction, we will return an error.

Optional fields

Bitski does not require you to submit all fields of a transaction in order to process a transaction. The following fields are optional:

nonceBitski will calculate the next nonce for you.
gasPriceBitski will calculate a gas price for you based on the current averages.


We believe that most of you don’t want to have to think about gas and gas prices. They are confusing terms and concepts. Instead, in our transaction approval screen, we display gas as a transaction fee. Which is essentially what gas is. (Note that we don’t currently offer the ability to customize it.) This creates an experience that is more familiar to most people and makes your app more appealing.

Check out the JSON RPC Support page

JSON RPC Support