We primarily support the following EVM based networks for JSON-RPC calls. These networks will have the best performance in our system.

NameChain IdURL
Ethereum mainnet1https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/1
Ethereum Goerli5https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/5
Polygon mainnet137https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/137
Polygon Mumbai80001https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/80001
Arbitrum One42161https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/42161

Additionally, any EVM chain on https://chainlist.org/ should work but will be using publicly hosted RPC nodes. Simply replace the chain id in the RPC url: https://api.bitski.com/v1/web3/chains/{chain_id}.

Unsupported Networks

Rinkeby and Kovan Ethereum testnets are no longer supported and RPC calls will fail.

We’re here to help

If you run into any issues contact us contact us.