"tokenTemplates": [
      "id": "056f5115-0195-4f52-886a-a13c44a8dce8",
      "contractId": "223c90f1-c6e0-4111-a51e-0fd454251f2a",
      "image": "https://cdn.bitskistatic.com/ee30.jpg",
      "description": "We are really fun",
      "name": "Droplink Example",
      "animationUrl": null,
      "defaultMetadata": {},
      "gatedContent": [],
      "totalTokens": 1000,
      "maxTokens": null,
      "prices": [],
      "published": true,
      "liveAt": "2019-06-18T23:00:00Z",
      "previewAt": null,
      "salesEndAt": "2027-06-18T23:41:32.327Z",
      "namingTemplate": "DEFAULT",
      "payouts": null,
      "delayMinting": false,
      "isDropLink": true
Access to these APIs are available upon request to sales@bitski.com.


Create and manage raffles for chances to win tokens. Raffles can be created by delaying droplink minting and minting once a winner has been selected.

Unlockable Content

Manage unlockable content such as full resolution images, additional downloads, or other token-gated content.