Miscellaneous NFT APIs
Access to these APIs are available upon request to


Create and manage raffles for chances to win tokens. Raffles can be created by delaying droplink minting and minting once a winner has been selected.

  "tokenTemplates": [
      "id": "056f5115-0195-4f52-886a-a13c44a8dce8",
      "contractId": "223c90f1-c6e0-4111-a51e-0fd454251f2a",
      "image": "",
      "description": "We are really fun",
      "name": "Droplink Example",
      "animationUrl": null,
      "defaultMetadata": {},
      "gatedContent": [],
      "totalTokens": 1000,
      "maxTokens": null,
      "prices": [],
      "published": true,
      "liveAt": "2019-06-18T23:00:00Z",
      "previewAt": null,
      "salesEndAt": "2027-06-18T23:41:32.327Z",
      "namingTemplate": "DEFAULT",
      "payouts": null,
      "delayMinting": false,
      "isDropLink": true

Unlockable Content

Manage unlockable content such as full resolution images, additional downloads, or other token-gated content.