Commerce APIs
GET Product


curl --request GET \


productIdrequiredDefault: "d0158741-f7d4-41a8-8a38-b652d8d43d5c"

The product id


Example product


Product object
  "product": {
    "id": "d0158741-f7d4-41a8-8a38-b652d8d43d5c",
    "network": "mainnet",
    "tokenContractAddress": "0x2df7bedb3cf02c948e129d68bbd6c12209150604",
    "tokenMetadata": {
      "image": "",
      "description": "A very special NFT for a very special partnership! To celebrate our recent collaboration with STAPLE & Crocs, we are launching one hundred & twenty-three (123) NFTs on April 15th exclusively on Bitski. Proceeds from sales of the NFT will be donated to NYC & Co — who’s mission is to maximize opportunities throughout NYC & build economic prosperity. All holders of the NFT will be able to redeem a pair of the highly sought after physical STAPLE x Crocs clogs for free!\nThe Classic Clog gets an NYC update with a Pigeon-stained sidewalk motif. The lightweight, water-friendly and buoyant clog is designed with a custom Pigeon logo rivet, ventilation ports to add breathability and help shed water and debris, pivoting heal strap for a more secure fit, and multiple custom Jibbitz™ including: Pigeon feet, a book of matches, sewer alligator with pizza, a coffee cup, a cockroach, chewing gum, a rat, and the Pigeon mascot. Available in Men's size 4-13, no half sizes.\n\nTo qualify for physical shoe redemption, you must be hodling the Crocs NFT at 4/20 at 4:20pm.\n\nTerms and Conditions:",
      "name": "STAPLE x Crocs",
      "properties": {
        "NrG Pigeon": "Crocs"
    "gatedContent": [],
    "totalAvailable": 123,
    "totalSold": 123,
    "prices": [
        "id": "bb33223c-8432-44c4-a4f2-1c216bb1d346",
        "currency": "USD",
        "price": "321"
    "auctions": [],
    "createdAt": "2022-04-11T15:57:19.197066Z",
    "liveAt": "2022-04-15T16:00:00Z",
    "previewAt": null,
    "salesEndAt": null,
    "username": "Stapleverse",
    "purchaseLink": "",
    "saleType": "LIMITED_EDITION",
    "isGated": false
  "gates": []