If your product allows users to use hardware wallets like Ledger, you can use the wallet experience and NFT APIs to build great experiences.

If you want to offer your users a simpler experience as a stepping stone to managing their own keys, you can also use the hosted hardware-backed wallet via the wallet creation flow.

Create a view-only account for the user-protected key.

You can record the user’s public address to associate the wallet with the user.

Create View Only Account
curl -X POST https://api.bitski.com/v2/blockchain/accounts \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>" \
-d '{
  "kind": "view",
  "coinType": 60,
  "address": "0x3ef0bd6d0f917b303bdc0404e119d9dccb070d5c"


The Bitski Chrome extension show examples of ledger integrations.

Hardware Wallet Address