If your product allows users to import or generate seed phrase based wallets, you can use the wallet experience and NFT APIs to build great experiences.

If you want to offer your users a simpler experience as a stepping stone to managing their own keys, you can also use the hosted hardware-backed wallet via the wallet creation flow.

Create a view-only account for the user-protected key.

You can record the user’s public address to associate the wallet with the user.

Create View Only Account
curl -X POST https://api.bitski.com/v2/blockchain/accounts \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>" \
-d '{
  "kind": "view",
  "coinType": 60,
  "address": "0x3ef0bd6d0f917b303bdc0404e119d9dccb070d5c"


The Bitski iOS app and Chrome extension show examples of seed phrase based wallet experiences:

Seed Phrase Import